Since I have been working mostly with Java lately, I decided it was time to get back in touch with dear old MS technology.

I have an old laptop lying around, and to get some use from it I decided to install Windows 7 and use it as a tool for testing things out. Other than that I also get to take a look at Windows 7 and get aquainted with that. Since I still have Vista on my big PC, I figured it was a nice way to find out if Win 7 is my cup of tea and deserves to be installed on the big machine.

So far Windows 7 is looking very good, it’s an old laptop so it’s only got 512MB ram, but it still feeling quite ok to work on. I’m now installing Visual Studio 2010 Beta, so we’ll see if it feels equally good after I start using that for developing aps.

I must admit I always have been a bit of a MS fanboy, atleast since I started coding on the first .NET beta in 2001. But just before I ended the workday, I saw something that kind of bothered me a bit.

This is the reason you keep developers locked up in cubicles away from the press(link removed due to being broken, sorry!)

MS knows they fudged MS Mobile 6.5, and I think Ballmer is praying for Win 7 Mobile to be released as soon as possible…

Keeping up with .NET
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