So I get word that one of our integrations is failing, and after a short investigation it turns out that the database running in SQL Server 2005 has gone “in Recovery”.

After browsing SQL forums via Google I found nothing good really, and the logs on the server didn’t give me any real info since this happened so long time ago that the initial problem had gotten phased out of the log and replaced with never messages of failure. But a recurring message that kept coming up in the logs was that the server had lost contact with the disc.

I didn’t find any good tip on how to proceed on the web, so I took a risk and just killed the processes, detached it and then re-attached it again. Luckily that made the trick.

But I feel a lot of the time that all the server virtualization isn’t really paying off, it might cut down on cost, but the amount of added wait time we get due to performance is surely eating profit from the money cake.
And when the the virtualization starts breaking your databases, then it’s time to take a step back and re-evaluate the strategy.

The wonders of virtual hardware

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