If the wait for a Windows Phone 7 device in your hand feels long and you want to experience the Metro UI now, there is a few skins that you might want to try out.

For Windows 7 there is a beautiful skin (see picture below) created for Rainmeter. You can download it here.

Screenshot of the Omnimo UI for Rainmeter
If you have a device running Windows Mobile 6.x you can get a skin for that here. A sample oh the home screen shown below.

If you feel like changing the look of your Firefox, you can try a Metro inspired theme found here.

Happy modding!

While waiting for Windows Phone 7 – Metro UI Skins
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0 thoughts on “While waiting for Windows Phone 7 – Metro UI Skins

  • February 26, 2011 at 20:01

    Metro is so stylish. I love the way it makes my phone look and I wish i had it on a tablet!



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