The mobile ad company AdMob continually gathers data about the usage of their ads. They serve billions of adds all over the world each month. The info gathered is of course not 100% statistically correct, but adds insight into the current trends of mobile usage.

In the March report some interesting reading is to be found. This month marked the first month when Android surpassed iPhone in traffic in the US. With iPhone backing up 5% and Android increasing by 4% compared to the previous month. Also interesting to not is that per AdMob’s definition, 50% of the traffic in the US came from smartphones.

Admob charts over US smartphone usage statistics
Looking at the entire world iPhone still got the lead with 46% over Android with 25%, followed by Symbian at 21%. Compared to the previous month that’s a decrease of 4% for iPhone, a 1% increase for Android and a 3% increase for Symbian.

For the full AdMob report, go here.

On another Android note, in an interview for New York Post, Google’s Andy Rubin says that Froyo (Android v2.2) will have full support for Flash. So rejoice, all who likes the Flash.
In the interview he also manages to mention North Korea while discussing Apple and open vs closed systems. Subtle, very subtle 🙂

Smartphone net usage metrics
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