UPDATED! The poor guys at Apple must be wondering who left this one and in what bar this time around. It seems that these pictures have been published on a Vietnamese site, but as how they got their hands on it I don’t know.

The reference I found was to a site at taoviet.vn, but my Vitenameese is so rusty I couldn’t get much info out from a visit there. But as the serial states it’s probably a pre-production ex and what kind of OS (if any) it’s running is still a question.

Here are some pictures to enjoy.
A video of a guy handling the new iPhone 4G has been released.

It seems a Vietnamese buissiness man bought this ex in the US for $4000, and the site reports that there were more items for sale as well.

Here’s a picture showing the disassembly of the unit.

More info to be gotten at Engadget and TGDaily.

iPhone 4G spotted again!
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