Future Windows Phone 7 device to be named Mondrian?

A ROM has leaked from a Windows Phone 7 device apparently. The guys over at xda-developers are tinkering with it and not a lot of information have been revealed yet.

Some information about the ROM though is that the build was made for a device called HTC Mondrian. Is it cleverly named after the Dutch artist Pieter Mondriaan? Below his famous piece “Composition II in Red, Blue, and Yellow”. (Some similarities to Metro UI anyone?)

A painting by Pieter Mondriaan

So it seems HTC indeed has a prototype that it’s trying out the latest WP7 builds on. Personally I think it sounds great as the only thing that HTC has said so far is “we will have a device ready by the holidays” and with the holidays referring to 2010. Maybe we’ll get lucky and see a HTC device released after the summer, just like LG claimed to be targeting release by September.

HTC has produced some really good handsets this last year (Hero, Legend, the mighty HD2, Nexus One etc.) and it will be very interesting to see what they have planed for their Windows Phone 7 device.

HTC's WP7 device to be named Mondrian?
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