Yesterday Nokia and Yahoo held a press conference regarding their future cooperation. Yahoo realize they lost the map race long ago and is going to incorporate the Ovi Maps and Ovi Navigation technology to improve their maps. Nokia is going to use the Yahoo mail and messenger technology in their Ovi Mailand Ovi Chat services.

For Yahoo this is a way to spread more to developing countries where Nokia still got a strong foothold. And for Nokia this is a way to get more of a foothold in the US market where Yahoo is still some what strong.
Olli-Pekka mentioned it’s strange that Nokia is market leader in cell phones, but not leader in the US, and they hope this will give them a boost there.

But question is if this isn’t too little too late. Nokias presence in the smartphone sector is small and diminishing, especially in the US. And Yahoo is still used, mostly for their Yahoo mail. But Yahoo’s usage is also diminishing, and it feels like Europe has adopted Google and the rest of the world is going that way as well.

Some say this is meant to try and attack Apple’s strong position in the smartphone sector in the US, but from what was divulged yesterday it still looks like Apple got nothing to fear.

Nokia + Yahoo = Who cares?
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