Windows Phone 7 is closing in on release, and we are hearing “soon” more and more often. Could it be that WP7 will be released earlier than believed?

At the Windows Phone 7 Developer Hub in Stockholm we got told that devices, with a working OS, would be released in October. Now I personally found that too good to be true. But now we get more and more progress reports, so who knows.

The last information telling us that WP7 is nearing completion is that the XBox Live Games Hub now is up and working. As stated on Michael Klucher’s Blog(Blog link not valid any longer):

Whoa! That’s me! By me of course I mean my Gamertag, Avatar, and latest Achievement in the Games Hub! I couldn’t believe it, we’ve had the Games Hub working for a while, but up until now it’s been on internal networks inside Microsoft. This week was the first time I really got to see my “true” gamer identity on the phone.

WP7 XBox Live Hub – now working!
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