A new video surfaced the other day of a recent Windows Phone 7 Build hands on demo, it was taken during a Microsoft event in New York.

As far as I can see it’s not bringing any new stuff to the table, as all of the shown features have been seen/was known before. But it shows a good view of the smart logic hooked up to addresses and how that integrates to Bing maps. The starting event is found in the calendar and from there Bing maps pops up and shows the place to go to, then there is the possibility to view POI’s in that vicinity(check this part around 1:55 in to the vid).

It also shows a brief few seconds how the SharePoint integration looks, and how the Xbox integration looks and how to view pictures in your social network like pictures you have on Windows Live.

Here’s a close up of the device, it shows the new icons on the Home page and the texts they just recently added on the tiles.

Recent WP7 build – Video
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