Some really funny promotional vids from different parts of the high tech sector.

For starters, this is a clip created by MSI themselves. How catching their products with your ass would make it cool I have no clue though…

The next one is from the Software and Information Industry Association and it’s trying to convince youngsters not to copy software.

The “Music video” is almost 10 mins long and extremely annoying, but somewhere 3:10 in to the vid is a clip with Craig Dykstra and his team talking about the release of the first Never Winter Nights! It’s fun to hear them saying that “sometimes up to 20 or 30 people” could be involved in the games project, quite different from todays multi million dollar projects. Check it out below.

Another highlight form the 80’s, an Apple commercial. Ahh, the good old days when it was believed that computers would actually help kids study, and not just distract them.

To finish it off, a great Windows 7 commercial that is so new that it can’t use the time factor as an excuse. How to make your own Windows 7 release party, the ├╝ber pretentious way…

Awesome promotional videos
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