Chippy released some more info about the Aava Moorestown based handset today.

The MeeGo version on it is really early in development stage at the moment so a lot of stuff is lacking.

He did run a SunSpider(a performance test for Javascript) test though. The Aava handset got a result of about 4.2 seconds with the Firefox build that was installed. Probably it would shave off a second or two if it had a newer build of the Firefox browser, or another faster browser like Chrome.

It’s pretty decent figures, about what some netbooks does. The Nexus One with Froyo installed completes the test in about 5.7-6 seconds(depending on device and Froyo build).

There’s no denying that the Moorestown platform packs some punch, but it will be interesting to see what the latest dual core Qualcomm processor will do, as there is no doubt it will shave quite a bit of the Nexus One’s times.

Chippy also posted a longer video on YouTube for your enjoyment.

The Aava Moorestown platform – For your viewing pleasure!
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