Upcoming HTC Windows Phone 7 devices confirmed

Conflipper has been at it again. This time he’s dug up some XML files from HTC’s own site and they collaborate the assumptions that HTC’s rumored Mondrian and Mozart are indeed Windows Phone 7 handsets.

The XML files lists them as using Internet Explorer 7, which will be available for Windows Phone 7 to start off with, as it is unlikely it will be ported to the Windows Mobile 6.5 track due to Microsoft working on the successor of Windows Mobile at the moment and not investing time in Mobile 6.5 upgrades.

Excertpt XML from a config

The devices also seem to have Bluetooth support as well as will be shipping with MMS capabilities. And they seem to be slate devices without keyboards.

Now, if we only could get to see some real pictures and specs from HTC soon…

HTC Mondrian and Mozart – Indeed Windows Phone 7 devices
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