So, the blog has been pretty dead lately. It’s due to me having had my usual summer vacation and also started a longer session of parental leave.

During the vacation I have managed pretty well to take a break from computers and my other interests, spending time with my girl friend and our lovely daughter.

But now the summer is over and it’s time to pick up where I left off. I still have a pretty long period of parental leave to go, but I’ll try getting back to the blog when the kid falls asleep and my parental duties ends for the day.

A lot of fun stuff has been going down during the summer. And what is catching my interest mostly is the Windows Phone 7 action that has been going on.

We’ve seen a few official hardware devices being displayed (going to update the WP7 Hardware page when I get time).

The most enticing thing to happen this summer feels like the statements that WP7 will definitely be launched in Europe during October.

We heard the rumors about this before, but it still felt hard to believe. So it seems we’re going to get Windows Phone 7 released here in Europe before the US get’s it later in the fall. Maybe a good tactic from MS, making sure the initial snags are ironed out before the release on the all so important American market.

Device vice, I have been waiting for a HTC Desire all summer, but the queue seems endless. So we’ll see if I get my hands on a WP7 device before I get my first Android unit.

So with this post, dedicated to Giles, I proclaim that I am back from hiatus and eagerly diving in to all subjects mobile again 🙂

Vacation and parental leave
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