Since the announcement about Windows Phone 7 (Series) in Barcelona earlier this year, the fans have been speculating about a HD3. That is, some kind of follow up to the mighty HTC HD2 that is running WinMo 6.5.

HTC's quietly brilliant logoThe HD2 was big and chunky some claimed, but it had great hardware specs and gathered quite a following among the hardcore smartphone fans. A lot of mock-ups and prototypes form fans have been floating around since then, some of which actually has been mistaken for the real McCoy by some blogs and tech sites that wrote news about a HD3 leak – hehe.

Today this legend lives on courtesy of Engadget, claiming they have gotten their hands on the UK carrier O2’s upcoming release plans. In this Excel sheet the model HTC HD7 is listed. So it seems the HD2 might actually get a successor, but renamed to HD7 to fit the new smartphone OS better.

Personally I of course hope this is true, even if it’s not the killer smartphone I’m praying it will be, then just for the sake of seeing some new hardware that we might not have seen any leaks about before. Secrets are fun and according to the leaked document we’ll see if there is any truth to it on the 18:th October at latest.

HTC HD3 or was it HD7?
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