Yesterday I finally got my HTC Desire, I’ve been waiting for it for about 9 weeks now.

I’ve been playing around with it a bit and I must say it’s a really nice piece of hardware. The only thing that’s annoying me so far is the small top status bar where you click and drag down to see incoming updates about messages, calls, installed applications and so on. It seems the bar isn’t really the same size as my fingers and I have a hard time “gripping” it. (And I who got such thin sleek coder fingers!)

Picture of the HTC Desire

When playing around with the device I found an option for tethering and got a bit surprised. After checking the info tab my suspicion turned out to be true. It was actually shipped to me with Froyo already installed! Sweet.

I was thinking that I would have to update it when I got it, but it seems this batch was already updated before shipped.

Desire shows up – surprises with Froyo!
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