During the the process of Oracle buying SUN not a lot of SUN people have been very outspoken.

In what’s probably the first really outspoken interview eWeek manages to get a chat with James Gosling, the father of Java. You can find it here.

And during JavaOne, The Basement Coder’s managed to get Gosling to agree doing a podcast with them. The background noise is pretty bad as it’s recorded in a cafe during lunch hours. But if you can listen through the clip it’s got some interesting stuff in it. You can find the podcast here (podcast removed sadly).

Picture of James Gosling "the father of Java"

Gosling is not holding back in these interviews and is dishing crap out to Oracle, IBM, Google and a few more. Nothing really concrete about what Oracle’s has in store for Java came out unfortunately, most likely because he’s not privy to that information, as it turns out he wasn’t really in the loop after Oracle took over.

One good quote regarding Oracle and Java was: “There’s only so much damage Oracle can do, because so much of their business depends on Java. It’s in their best interest to treat it well.”

Bodes well for Java I think…

James Gosling speaks
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