Picture of my boxed Samsung Omnia 7After being pretty disappointed that they had no devices in store on the 21:st that was supposed to be the release day, I at least managed to sing up on a list for the Samsung Omina 7 device at the local 3 shop.
On Tuesday the 26:th this week I had a package to go grab at the nearby candy shop. My Omnia 7 had arrived, and 8 months of wait were done!

A bit of unpacking revealed a handset, USB cables, hands-free set with extra plugs for different size ears, battery, charger, warranty, user manual and a brief “How to get started” pamphlet.
As all electronic gadget manuals say – “Charge before use”, I actually took my time to charge this one. The two hours I waited for it to charge before I could start playing with it felt like an eternity…

After a few minutes I notice I had no network connection after installing the SIM-card. As I couldn’t get that to work, and Tre:s webpage kept telling me I wasn’t a registered customer(?) I finally managed to reach customer service today, just to hear them say there had been a misstake and that my account hadn’t been activated properly. That should be sorted within 24 hours they said, so tomorrow I might be able to make my first call with it.

I’ve had quite a few other setup snags, but more about that some other night when I have more than 5 hours sleep ahead of me.

Got my Windows Phone 7!
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