Can’t reach Market, XBox Live or Zune?

The Windows Phone logoIf you live in a country that’s not one of the originally supported ones, you might face some issues when installing your Windows Phone 7.
When you start connecting your phone to different services (under settings-> email & accounts), the very first Windows Live account that you provide will be the one that will control your connection to Marketplace, XBox Live and Zune.

If you, like me, live in one of the countries that’s not supported yet, then using your current Windows Live/MSN account will most likely lock you out from these services. To enable connection to Marketplace, XBox Live and Zune you should just select “create new account” when the phone asks for a Windows Live account.

After you create a Windows Live account as the first used account, you will have access to all the services, even though not living in one of the supported countries. When done you can then add the Windows Live/MSN account you use regularly together with other mail and/or facebook accounts.

If you already setup the phone the way you like it but used your regular MSN account and now can’t connect to the Microsoft services above, then you unfortunately have to reset the phone to factory settings and start over again but following the above process. Resetting the phone is done by going to Settings –> about, then pushing the “reset your phone” button.

Some issues you might face installing your new Windows Phone 7
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