Got my Windows Phone 7 device

Picture of the Samsung Omnia 7So I got this really nice new phone (that I have been looking forward to for the last eight months in theory), but I can’t call, text or send nasty pictures on it. Why’s that you wonder?

Well, after I unpacked my shiny new toy it turns out I have no net connection. All seems to be due to the SIM card activation somehow has gotten stuck in some step of the chain at Tre.

So far I’ve called customer service five times or so since Tuesday, and it’s still not fixed.

First call I manage to get a hold of a real knucklehead. He asked if I had dialed in the activation code from my phone. I then had to explain to him again, for the second time within 5 minutes, that my SIM isn’t working and that I have not network connection – hence I can’t dial! He then asked if I had called “the number” that was enclosed in the package and given my number for activation. I tell him there was no number enclosed that I was supposed to call. He proceeds to tell me that it’s ok if I can’t find it and says he can connect me to it. I hang on and wait, the number get’s connected – I get a voice saying “This number is no longer in use”. Total win!

Second call I manage to get a hold of some one with a little clue as to what is going on, and she even asks me for my to-be phone number. After looking it up she says there’s been a snag in the system but that it’ll be fixed during the day.

Very late that same day my SIM still isn’t working. Person number three at customer service explains these kind’s of cases takes minimum 24 hours to fix, but that the technicians have gone home for the day so “maybe tomorrow”.

Day after that early morning, I talk to person number four at customer service, “I see the case is in progress, I see 24 hours has passed so it’s probably done soon. Have a good day!” – Good day, yeah right…
Later that day I call again, person number five answers, but this time I rang tech support instead of customer service for phone contracts. –“Yeah the technicians are working on it, but these kind’s of things takes 48 hours.” I get as a reply.

I say: “48? Your colleague said 24!”. “Oh that’s wrong” he says, and that’s all.

Later that day (48h since first phone contact initiated has passed) I call customer service for contracts and ask for status. Still the same status they say. I tell them it’s about time for some compensation. The reply I got –“Call back when it works and we’ll see how this has impacted you”.

Weak. Very weak in my opinion. If you live in Sweden and are waiting for a Windows Phone 7 device, I highly recommend you to get one of the HTC models or the LG model. Just don’t get the Samsung Omnia 7 so that you are forced to go with Tre as the provider!

The fail of Tre
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