Windows Phone Marketplace passes 2000 apps

Picture of a firework and the text 2000 below itIn a recent communication from Microsoft to it’s registered developers, regarding the security of their intellectual properties, numbers about the current number of apps in the Marketplace was given.

According to the mail the 2000 app limit have now been passed. Not all bad considering it was launched the in Europe first on the 21:st October.

And there is surely a big number of projects being finished up, as many high profile projects we’ve heard about before the OS was even released haven’t been seen on the marketplace yet.

My own publisher approval process has soon passed a week, so there seem to be a lot more developers registering as well. I must say I think it’s pretty bad that you have to pay the publisher fee before you can unlock a phone to test apps on. Shouldn’t the publisher fee be paid when you want to actually publish something, not just try stuff out on your own phone?

And regarding the security of your apps developers – Dotfuscate, Dotfuscate, Dotfuscate!

Windows Phone Marketplace hitting 2000
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