Last few weeks the rumors have been running rampant about an upcoming PlayStation phone from Sony Ericsson, this accompanied by the mandatory photo evidence by Mr. Blurrycam.

But now it seems that some one has actually captured a video of it in good quality(can it really be possible???).

The video shows some handling of the device, the slide out keypad and some twisting and turning. A nice shot of the system info reveals the model to be named Zeus and running Gingerbread(Android 2.3). Check out the video below.

Apparently some one with a device has also taken a few photos and uploaded them to Picasa. From the pictures it’s discernable that the device has a 5MP camera and allegedly has an aperture rating of 2.4 and a focal length of 4.1mm

One of the persons uploading the pictures used to work as a software developer for Sony Ericsson, nowadays working as a consultant, but I’ll bet my hat he’s consulting for Sony Ericsson in Lund.

With personnel field testing the device, it’s just a question of when we’ll see an official announcement. It would be nice to see before Christmas, but that feels a bit early. Some rumors were discussing a February official announce, and that sounds more likely. Although I bet many would have liked to see this one in stores for the holiday season.

Sony Ericsson PlayStation Phone
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