The Visual Basic team has released Visual Basic for the Windows Phone 7 developer tools RTW. This release enables you to finally submit your apps written in VB to the marketplace.

For those that haven’t already started playing with the VB for Windows Phone 7 developer tools that were released in September a few tips are in place.

With the Visual Basic tools you can only develop Silverlight apps, the XNA framework is not yet supported, so if you need outstanding graphic performance for your game idea that will beat Angry Birds in sales – you will need to use the C# version of the tools.

The VB tools requires the Premium, Professional or Ultimate version of Visual Studio 2010, i.e. you can’t use the Express editions sadly.

Download the Visual Basic for Windows Phone Developer Tools – RTW.

Info about the release from the Visual Basic Team here (good read if you want the tools in any other language than English!).

More Windows Phone 7 related stuff here.

Visual Basic becomes a little more meaningful
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