New Google Maps for Android makes Check in HOT

The Google Map on Android showing some one checked=The latest version of Google Maps for Android has been released and it has gotten tightly integrated with Google Latitude.

You will now be able to see your friends check in on the map via Latitude, as they can see where you hang out. The check-ins can be automatic if you like, and also the check out happens automatically as you leave the place. You can also get notifications if you prefer that so that you don’t have to forget to check in at a place.

Google says you will of course be able to control the privacy settings so that ou don’t have to share your secret places with all the world. (Get suspicious when you start seeing the Google van hanging out in front of your favorite diner all the time though…)

Check out the promo video for Latitude below:

Check in – The game

Because real life is like an MMO, just a bit more dull, Google is also letting you level in real life with your check ins!

When you visit a place often and check in, you will get different ranks like “Regular”, “VIP” and “Guru”.

Is this the new excuse perhaps? -“Sorry darling, I have to go to the pub tonight again as I’m trying real hard to level my rank now.”

How to get the new Google Maps for Android

If you are reading this from an Android device and it’s got v1.6+ you can just tap this link.

Or you can just download the latest Google Maps from the Android Market.

Then to enable all the location based action, you need to join Latitude from th main menu.

More information can be read at the Google Lat Long Blog.

Google Maps for Android v5.1 released
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