How to Sync notes from your Windows Phone 7 to SkyDrive

Picture showing a note from One Note synced to SkyDriveDo you like the One Note application on your Windows Phone?

Ever thought it’d be great to be able to acces the notes from all your computers?

If you sync your One Note application with SkyDrive you can do that, all it really takes is a press of the refresh button and then answer yes when it asks to Sync with SkyDrive.

Just click the all icon at the start page in One Note on the phone, then tap refresh. This will also give you another view named notebooks next to pages where you can tap and hold the notebook to see the sync status of it.

After doing this you will get a new Notebook created that’s named Personal(Web), it will be under the My Documents folder on your SkyDrive.

Take care with the name of this Notebook though, cause if you rename it you won’t be able to sync to it any more!

Still need for manual sync to/from SkyDrive

Just remember that if you create a new note on your phone, you still have to push the refresh button to get it uploaded to your SkyDrive.

Also if you create a new note on SkyDrive or for example delete one, you need to tap refresh on your phone to push the update to the phone.

Picture with the refresh button highlighted in One Note on Windows Phone 7

Syncing One Note from WP7 To Sky Drive
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