Overview of copy & paste in the coming Windows Phone 7 update (NoDo)

Screenshot of the copy & paste functionality on a WP7 emulatorThe emulator that was released with the latest update of the Windows Phone Developer Tools (WPDT) the other day have been unlocked. This has led to some exploration of what the of what the functionality will be like in the coming Windows Phone 7 update (code named “NoDo”).

One thing of interest is ofcourse the added copy & paste functionality, since everyone pretty much seem to hold such functionality higher than for ex being able to make a call with the phone.

-“So you got an iPhone, can you call with it?”

-“No, but I can copy and paste!!!”

(Ok, that was a cheap shot, sorry)

Windowsphonehacker have made an overview video of the copy and paste functionality, if you are one of those feeling that copy & paste is a religion you can check it out below.

Read more about the full functionality coming in NoDo in the Windows Phone 7 updates post!

Copy & Paste functionality in "NoDo"
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