Soon two weeks into February and still no sign of an update for Windows Phone 7

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The upcoming NoDo patch for Windows Phone 7, slated to give us copy & paste, faster load times, improved market, etc. is still no where to be seen.

The rumored release date of the NoDo patch, February the seventh, has come and passed – and there is still no sign of an update for WP7 devices.

Buzzing about are rumors of coordination work with all the suppliers and network carriers still in progress. This process apparently took more time than Microsoft had planned for. And those that are in the know are saying that the eight of March might be the next viable guess for arrival.

Mobile World Congress brings “Mango”

Monday in the following week marks the start of this years Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (oh how I wish I could be there, but maybe next year…). During MWC it was said that
Microsoft would share information of what was to be expected in the second Windows Phone 7 update, this second update being called “Mango”.

So if there’s nothing radical happening this weekend, it looks like we’ll all know more about what will be coming in the second update before we even get to see the first update hit our devices.

Windows Phone 7 "NoDo" update – does a "NoShow"
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