Nokia divulging more information about the Windows Phone 7 commitment

The Mobile World Congress 2011 in Barcelona started today with a few companies having events talking about strategies and showing off new devices.

Picture of Nokia's Windows Phone 7 conceptsOne of the companies that didn’t show off any new devices but still was highly interesting to follow was Nokia.

They did however show off a picture of the previously released concept phones that we saw the other day, seen on the picture to the right here.

Some interesting points from the presentation

There were a few interesting facts in the presentation that highlights the cooperation with Microsoft:

  • Nokia feel there is benefit in a single marketplace – hence the Nokia store will be incorporated in the Windows Phone Marketplace.
  • Microsoft is placing a “significant bet on Nokia for delivering location-based services” – does this mean that Nokia’s technology will be incorporated into Bing as it’s the Bing engine that’s handling that now on the Windows Phone?
  • Nokia would not like to be the sole Windows Phone 7 device provider, the goal is to create a vibrant ecosystem that beats Android – after that we’ll compete within the Windows Phone sphere says Elop.
  • Regarding development platform – Microsoft is the primary supplier of that, but Nokia will make a significant investment providing it’s own value-add to it.
  • Devices planned for release in 2012, but Jo Harlow says: “My boss has told me he would be much happier if that time was in 2011”.
  • Stephen Elop is not a Trojan horse…
An evening with Nokia – MWC 2011
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