Microsoft’s first Windows Phone 7 update, nicknamed NoDo, starts shipping

After the debacle with the first prerelease patch that occurred some month ago coupled with the first NoDo delays, we’re finally hearing that Microsoft has started the rollout of the real NoDo patch for their Windows Phone 7 OS.Successful Windows Phone 7 update from Zune

People have managed to successfully update their devices and report the build number for the patch to be 7390.

Unfortunately it’s non carrier branded devices that’s being updated first. Reports coming in of carriers postponing the release but that isn’t any real news and was indeed expected seeing how the rollout of the pre-patch was handled.

Rumored release dates of the NoDo patch for some carriers:

  • Canadian Telus earliest 29:th of March
  • UK O2 earliest March 24:th

Then with the staged release schedule for carriers devices means most Windows Phone 7 users will most likely not see this patch before mid April.

About NoDo

NoDo is the patch that will give Windows Phone 7 users features and tweaks such as:

  1. Copy and paste
  2. Improved Marketplace search
  3. Better switch speed between games and apps
  4. Messaging improvements
  5. Outlook mail improvements
  6. Camera improvements

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