Windows Phone Marketplace keeps momentum – passes 15000 apps!

Diagram showing number of submitted apps per month to Windows Phone MarketplaceOn October the 26:th Windows Phone 7 was released to select markets in the world. Now, 6 months later, the Windows Phone marketplace pass 15000 apps.

Windows Phone has so far gotten mixed receptions. A lot of naysayers are talking about it’s impending doom and being “dead on arrival”. While most people that actually have tried it out seems to like it, at least a lot of the unique WP7 features and feel, even if they haven’t actually switched their device to a Windows Phone yet.

Big sales numbers have been lacking. Although real sales numbers are hard to come by, the released “devices shipped to stores”-figures tell us that the big numbers aren’t really being reached.

But it seems the developers still have faith in the platform (even though there’s been ample critique from the developer ranks regarding lack of features, the rollout process, etc).

Weather it is all the goodness we are promised in the Mango release, the impending Nokia cooperation believed to boost sales figures – or just the plain fact that it’s so fun to code for the Windows Phone platform no one knows. But fact is the apps keep coming and the pace of app releases to market only seems to be picking up!

In the graph to the right in this post you can see the number of apps that’s been released so far each month to the US market, with this pace the Windows Phone Marketplace should breach 30000 in time for the one year mark in October.

Windows Phone Marketplace pass 15000 apps
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