A Nerdcore homage to the great Zork series

From the "It's Pitch Dark" music video with MC FrontalotIf you, like me, were born some times in the 70’s and grew up with a Commodore, an Apple or an Atari machine at home, you probably remember a game named Zork.

Weather you associate it with feelings of joy or anguish probably depends on how much success you had in it. If you feel anxiety when thinking of it, chances is you ran in to the Grue too many times.

When I saw this video today, I just had to post it. Not only for the fond memories of Zork, but the tune is also extremely catchy (even though it’s not really my taste of music).

The tune is called “It is Pitch Dark” and delivered by MC Frontalot, watch it in the clip below.

You are likely to be eaten by a Grue
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