Coding Quick Tip: Get Started With ASP.NET 5 and VS Code

I have been thinking of starting a series of quick tips in video format and here is the first episode. This time just showing how to get started developing in VS Code and scaffolding out an ASP.NET 5 project using Yeoman.

This was fun but it’s my first video so it’s definately a learning experience. It seems so easy when you look at all other good YouTube videos and now seeing my own result just makes me laugh. But what better way to learn than to do it in the open, feel some preassure and also be able to get some tips and critique? 🙂

I know mic volume is really low, I need to fix that for my next vid. Maybe it’s even time to get a proper mic. Asking the misses for a x-mas gift just got easier I think 😀

I hope you enjoy the video even though it’s bad quality, low sound, mumbling and thought pauses. Please leave feedback if you got time!

Happy Coding! 🙂

Get Started With ASP.NET 5 & VS Code – Video
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