Screenshot of WACK

WACK Issues

WACK not finding your app?

Screenshot of WACK

Fig 1. Windows App Cert Kit

I had some problems when I tried to run WACK 2.2 (Windows App Cert Kit) to test my new App.

After selecting “Validate Windows Store App” – WACK persisted to show an old test project, in doubles,  instead of the name of my Windows App. If I unistalled my app from the start screen, WACK still showed the old test project as installed, but this time only one time.

Installing my App again for testing, just resulted in a copy of the line describing my old test project as an installed App.

It was clear that my old testproject was some how messign things up, problem is it wasn’t visible on the start screen so there was no way of uninstalling it from there.

How to fix it and uninstall a Windows 8 app manually

Screenshot of Debuggable Package Manager

Fig 2. Debuggable Package Manager

To locate all installed packages I ran the “Debuggable Package Manager” tool shipped with Visual Studio 2012.

In DPM you can list all your installed Apps with the “Get-AppxPackage” command. See Fig 2.

Then use the command “Remove-AppxPackage -name” to remove the package.

Observe!  The name parameter required is the full name of the package that you can find listed for each package in the complete package list, see screenshot in fig 2.

Old App removed

After removing the old package, I could deploy my App again from Visual Studio and actually see it listed with the correct package name in WACK.

And my App passed on the first test run :)


Happy coding!

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