This blog is the work of Andreas Wänqvist, it contains small articles of things I find interesting for the moment.

My articles are often Aurelia related and many are tutorials as I write with the intent of helping others.

Currently working for Voyado as a Cloud Architect, doing some pretty cool stuff!

I have a few Azure Certifications, like Developer Associate, AI Engineer Associate and DevOps Engineer Expert.

Silly disclaimer: this blog only reflects my personal opinions about technology etc, and there will be no opinions tied to my employer here!

Web Dev

Aurelia awesome JavaScript framework

I do enjoy web programming a whole lot and in 2017 I became a member of the Aurelia Core Team.

I run the newsletter we call Aurelia Weekly™, where we gather posts, code and tutorials made by the Core Team and the community.

I also made a site where the community can submit articles for the newsletter, see the archives and see ahead of publish time what’s going to be in the next issue. You can check it out at

Public Speaking


  • DevSum 2021 May 27 – Serverless Web – Azure Static Web Apps
    • A deep dive into the new service Azure Static Web Apps. What is it? What it can do for you? Tips and tricks! What to think about when running your apps on it 🤔



  • Global Azure Bootcamp, Linköping Sweden – Architecting Azure Applications with Cost in Mind
    • Taking a look at what services real price tag is and how to think regarding cost when designing systems in Azure


  • DevSum 2018 – The AAA Stack
    • Aurelia, ASP.NET and Azure in sweet harmony
  • Build 2018 – How Simplygon helped Remix become platform independent
    • How to leverage Simplygon to target multiple MR/AR/VR devices
  • Linköping UniversitySkills Required of Tomorrows Engineers


  • Sweden .NET User Group Linköping – Get to Know Aurelia
    • An intro to Aurelia
  • SweTugg 2017 – Get to Know Aurelia
    • An intro to Aurelia
  • Linköping UniversityCompressing 2D is easy, let’s step it up a notch!
    • A look at what Simplygon can do with 3D compression

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One thought on “About

  • August 29, 2018 at 17:38


    I’ve seen your interesting talk “How Simplygon helped Remix become platform independent.” at youtube and try to reconstruct your azure function which is reducing a fbx file.

    Is it possible that you share your example code e.g. on github?

    greetings Steffen


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