The other day I installed Soluto to check it out. For you that haven’t heard of it yet the company releasing it calls it Anti-Frustration Software.

What it does is that it charts your startup sequence and lists everything that is being executed during your boot. It will categorize all the software that runs in your boot in three categories:

  1. Programs that don’t need to be run during the boot
  2. Programs that you might be able to postpone running until after the boot depending on your knowledge about them
  3. Programs that you can’t move or postpone (mostly OS specific stuff)

I generally keep my boot process as clean as I can, and I try to avoid installing a lot of software to test it and then uninstall it. I found testing a lot of software then uninstalling it sadly kills your boot performance quite fast. After running Soluto for the first time I found out my boot time was 1:50, which isn’t half bad for my 2 year old Vista system I guess. After analyzing the boot, removing the unwanted programs and delaying the non vital programs to after the boot, I managed to cut down my boot times to 58 seconds. That’s almost down to half the time!

Looking at the list of what was running I also found some Ninja-software in there, that had sneaked in without me knowing it. I also found an old Nvidia updater that was there, even though I uninstalled my Nvidia drivers a year ago when I swapped for an ATI graphics card. It’s quite scary how much crap stuff that creeps into the boot boot sequence without users being told about it. I really wish that software publishers stopped doing this as it just ruins the boot times for users.

There is also one more function where you can just right-click the Soluto icon and choose “My PC just aggravated me” if you just had any kind of issue, a hang, a delay or whatever happened that just annoyed you and then Soluto will try and tell you what was the cause of the issue. Unfortunately I haven’t tested this yet as my PC is behaving nicely these days.

Check out the following video to get an idea of what Soluto is like.

All in all I found the boot analyze function to be very good, and I can really recommend downloading Soluto and trying it to help your system get better boot times and overall more performance from eliminating all crap-ware that you might have gotten installed. You can go check Soluto out here.

Soluto – bringer of bad news

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