Unit tests not executing from ReSharper’s Unit Test Sessions

Pressing Ctrl+U,L resulting in nothing but spinning bars? I had this problem trying to run my unit tests from Visual studio 2013 using ReSharper 8.

The test indicators would keep spinning but nothing happened, setting breakpoints on the first row on the code showed that the unit tests actually never even started executing. No matter how long time that passed (ok I stopped waiting after 3 minutes to be honest) the bars just kept spinning and no error shows up.

After searching the web it turns out this is a known issue, stated to be solved in several ReSharper releases. Not sure if it’s the case and the bug has just resurfaced in the new ReSharper 8 version.

The easy solution

Turns out this problem is avoidable just by starting Visual Studio 2013 as an administrator.

If you got VS2013 pinned ot the taskbar in Windows 8/8.1, this is the easiest way to make it always start in admin mode:

1. Right click the pinned Vs2013 icon and select properties.

2. Click the “Advanced” button in the properties window.

3. Check the “Run as Administrator” checkbox.

After this your Visual Studio will always be run as Administrator.


Happy Testing 🙂

Tests not running in Visual Studio 2013 with ReSharper 8
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One thought on “Tests not running in Visual Studio 2013 with ReSharper 8

  • October 17, 2014 at 12:14

    I had a similar issue but was able to resolve it by clearing Resharper’s cache via Resharper’s Options > General > Clear Caches.


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