The last 24 hours the interwebs been buzzing on how the iPhone 4 might have some kind of antenna problems going on.

From Insanely Great Mac:

The assumption is that the problem occurs when you touch both the antennas with your palm and hence conduct electricity in between them. The WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth antenna is on the left side, thus the greater issues when people are holding this in their left hand and connecting to the entire face of this antenna with their palm.

Walt Mossberg, a reviewer for the Wall Street Journal, said he has been in contact with Apple and that they are working on a fix. But if this is indeed a hardware issue then it might not be so easy to fix…

No worries though, there is a very simple solution to the problem for you that already have spent your hard earned cash on a new iPhone 4 and are suffering from this problem:

iPhone 4 – Antenna issues & Fix!
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