Google to dive into the digital music distribution game

Picture showing a future Android build show music synching abilitiesThe rumor mill have been buzzing for over a year about Google wanting to get into the music distribution business. And during last years Google I/O conference there was finally some confirmation that they were indeed working on such services.

Then after Google acquired certain companies in the music streaming business, there were a lot of talk about the service launching as soon as during the fall that passed, but nothing happened.

Today there is a glimpse in the end of the tunnel, and it comes in the form of a leaked screenshot from an uncertain Android build(speculated to be a Honeycomb build but not confirmed). The screenshot is showing an option to “Sync Music”. Exactly what the functionality entails is at the moment not clear unfortunately.

The picture was produced by Andrew Denniston, hopefully he will be able to reveal the origin of it eventually.

Google music sync in future Android
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