Using Secret Manager throws an Exception

If you are trying to use the Secret Manager with when developing an ASP.Net 5 application and it throws a FileNotFoundException saying

Could not load file or assembly 'Microsoft.Framework.ApplicationHost'

it’s probably due to a reference mismatch.

Since the release of Visual Studio 2015, there’s been a name change of the Secret Manager so when using a later DNX runtime version than beta-5 there’s a need to upgrade the Secret Manager as well.

Uninstall the old SecretManager

If the old Secret Manager was installed on the system using

dnu commands install SecretManager

Then uninstall the old one using

dnu commands uninstall SecretManager

If uninstalling using this command doesn’t work you can delete the pertinent files from %userprofile%\.dnx\bin.

Install the new SecretManager

Install the new SecretManager using

dnu commands install Microsoft.Framework.SecretManager

Happy coding! 🙂

Secret Manager throws FileNotFoundException
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