Windows Phone 7 update NoDo available for everyone

Screenshot of the Windows Phone 7 NoDo patch updateIf you are one of those who is still waiting on the NoDo update to pass your providers testing or staged rollout, you might want to know there is a way of getting the NoDo update now – like right now!

Regardless of what carrier, country or phone you got you should be able to get it, as long as it’s installed in one of the following languages (if you forgot what language you set your phone to, you can check that under Settings -> Keyboard):

  • English(US)
  • English(UK)
  • French
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • German

The fix comes courtesy of Chris Walsh, author of the famous Chevron hack. It’s an installer that will sort your Windows Phone with NoDo and apparently do so whatever revision of the OS you already got. The installer made possible by the release of the Windows Phone Support Tool yesterday from Microsoft. Chris writes more about it on his blog.

As usual, your guarantee is void and null if anything goes wrong. And if it goes wrong chances are you will brick your device. But so far it seems to be working for most people. It worked on my Samsung Omnia 7, so now I got copy & paste and the load lag when starting Internet Explorer is all gone 🙂

Finding out how you go about patching your phone can be done on Chris Walsh blog and be careful if you decide to go through with this before the patch is officially delivered to you!


Microsoft has said that using the above described method might put your device in a state where you will be unable to update it more in the future:

the use of ChevronWP7.Updater could possibly put the updated Windows Phone 7 device into a state where it cannot receive future regular updates to the OS anymore

Seems Chris Walsh have removed the tool from his blog as well, Microsoft surely has been in touch with him.

Let’s just hope a similar version of his hack turns up the next time there’s an update abound for those that already have used this to get NoDo 😮

Update 2:

Chris has posted an update on his blog, detailing that Microsoft indeed contacted him saying that phones updated with the Chevron7.Updater will leave phones in an non updateable state. Microsoft says his tool is effectively destroying phones, so that’s why he pulled the download from his site.

There’s been a lot of comments, and they reflect what a devoted community we got supporting Windows Phone, as the comments are appreciative and supportive of Chris’s work.

Most commenters seem to hold the same opinion, that the carriers slow delivery of the updates are forcing users to these kinds of methods to keep their devices fresh with the latest updates.

NoDo available for everyone
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