Windows Phone 7 NoDo patch is delayed yet again

Early this year it was thought that the NoDo patch would be delivered in February, but it turned out it got delayed. NoDo late again

NoDo, the patch slated to give us copy and paste among other functionality, then was rumored to arrive in early March.

Then during MWC 2011 we saw it in print even (on a powerpoint slide), as Steve Ballmer in his keynote promised us the update in early March.

But now the 8:th that was supected to have been the release date have again come and gone. Most likely the roll out have been pushed back due to the recent patch problems experienced by some Samsung devices (with the NoDo pre patch).

The new date buzzing around the grapevine is the 21:st of March, personally I’m getting slightly jaded and will be pleasantly surprised if we see the patch successfully rolled out before April 1:st.

Windows Phone NoDo patch delayed again
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